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Posted by thankmrguinness on 2005.08.31 at 16:49
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So this is my Drinking Jacket. I wear it when I drink. I got it at a thrift store for a little under three dollars. Anyone else have some favorite drinking attire?

dilema for the community that doesnt exist

Posted by ven_detta on 2005.08.23 at 00:33
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this community just cant get off the ground at the moment and the reason being is that im lazy for one and i have given up drinking for another. not forever. just until the time is right. you see i was becoming dependant on my drinking and i caught it early because of good friends who cared. I shall drink again but at the moment im not in a position to do so in a casual way. by this i mean i cannot drink with friends because they are all too busy or i am or we just have no oportunities. the exact details are not important but i refuse to drink alone anymore. i made a promise and i shant break that promise, for i made it to the only person who i cannot lie to.

Posted by thankmrguinness on 2005.08.15 at 19:49
Well, it's kind of lonely around here, but maybe if we give it a start...

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This is what I'm having tonight. I'm mixing it with some new flavor of 7-UP, a tropical kind that uses Splenda instead of sugar. Which means nothing to me.

I'm not generally a super classy drinker, but I do own a smoking jacket which I wore all through college when I was drinking. So I wore it often. I'll put up a pic of it here later.

My name is Matt and I love Guinness. I am finding lots of other porters that I like too, thanks to a BevMo between work and home. I wanted to get scotch tonight, maybe Speyburn, but I saw Redrum and couldn't resist. Here's hoping we get some more members!


New community

Posted by ven_detta on 2005.05.30 at 13:31
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anybody who is joining here from the beginning i thank you for giving us a chance and please enjoy your stay.